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His parachute wouldn't open. When the ripcord came away in his hand, he had forced himself not to panic just yet. There was a back-up.
He yanked on the second cord and that came away in his hand as well. He stared at the bright yellow cord, both ends flapping in the wind.
He was approaching terminal velocity, he knew.
The flesh was rippling on his face and his hair was being dragged out of his scalp and his eyes were forced open, tears flying into the empty sky.
Earth was so very, very far below. At this height, even landing in a swimming pool or a giant marshmallow wouldn't save him. He'd splatter on impact like an egg dropped from the Chrysler building. Maybe he should have ignored Mom and stayed on the plane. Well, no chance of that now. Twisting around in midair, he caught sight of the burning wreckage far away and below him. It would reach the ground before he did.
He decided he was perfectly in his right to panic. He screamed and cried and thrashed but he couldn't slow down his f
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United States
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do u see my profile icon???

it's of sean and emma from degrassi.

they shoulda been together. they are in my head.

im starting this new "comic" thing (idk, im not really the comic type yet cuz im remedial in computer editing and coloring and... life...)

but anyway here's the over all story line:

In a world where things like vampires and ghosts run amuck without the knowledge of every day humans...

A girl is thrown into the life of the Night Watchers when she is attacked by a masked man who claims she is the archangel their looking for. It turns out, the girl is the daughter of an archangel, and she is being hunted by Destination (basically, an evil empire) which is run by a man who goes by the name Oracle.  So, the main character joins the Night Watchers, who are a secret organization that fights rogue demons/supernatural people (called mystics) and Destination.

Here are the main character's general overview:

Jasmine Jackson (aka Jazz): she's the feisty protagonist with a quick wit and quicker tongue. She's sarcastic, curious, and very clueless about the Night Watcher world. She gains her powers shortly after the start of the book/comic/thing, which include super strength, healing, flight, and the ability to sense thoughts when touching someone. Her strength is the first power she unlocks, and like the others are affected by her mood. (Doubtful, she can't punch holes in walls. If brave, she can.) Jazz uses a pistol (loaded with light bullets when fighting demons/mystics) Or Hispanic decent.

Canary Cross: She's sociable, humorous, and honest (enough). A bit two-faced and not always the nicest person in the world, Canary is the girl that everyone falls for, even if she isn't super skinny or model tall. Canary has a twin brother and loves him. Her powers are the white "life" energy she can shoot out or manipulate. Her weapon of choice is a baseball bat, seeing as she can generate her own light that's needed to "purify" demons. Or American decent.

Raven Cross: Canary's twin. He is much like his sister in the sense that he is an entertainer and popular among the people he meets. He is taller and slimmer than Canary, and he has brown hair opposed to her blonde. Raven is a bit of a player and enjoys paryting... he hides a dark side, though. Raven enjoys using scythes to fight, and carries around an uzi gun (light bullets included) Of American Decent.

Selena Daniels: The opinianated girl of the group- she's respectful when she wants to be, though her temper is a bit out there. Selena is loud and cocky, but smarter than she let's on. She 's a diva and very sassy. Her weapon of choice is a pistol, but she also attacks with butterfly knives. She is a half breed between a human and vampire- of African American decent.

Arrow: The caring, polite, blithe guy who attempts to be in a pleasant mood at all times. Arrow is a weapons expert with extraordinary aim. He funnels his energy through a medium to fire it at someone (in this case the medium in question is a gun). He carries many guns and usually attacks with dual pistols. He is a slightly more skilled hand to hand fighter than the others (as he thinks with battle tactic). Arrow is smart and fairly quiet.

Wayne: the brooding BAMF. He's quick on his feet, smart, and has the brute strength to shut almost anyone up. He is the leader of the unit Jazz is put in. Wayne is rich and cocky. He's a werewolf. Wayne is considerably lazy when he wants to be, and dislikes being annoyed. He's laidback, but at the same time extremely strict, and usually doesn't like mistakes. In Wayne's mind, he can not lose and if he does, he will mope about it for a streth of time.

*instert name for character*: *insert description*

IDK who the last character should be... i ran out of ideas.... so i'll get back to ya'lll

anyway that's the basic idea, and I'm still playing around with it in my head... just lettin' you know what i'll be up to in the next few days (besides partying till i puke)


christmas break is the best invention ever...

Thank God Jesus was born :)


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